Friday, May 8, 2009

finding time

Well the Flying Pig was just fantastic, we had fair weather, it was misting most of the run, with a breeze through-out. My son started with me and then I didn't see him till I got back to the car. There was people everywhere. Some running, some walking, and some like me doing both, I would run for a mile then walk a mile and if my run was at a hill I would walk! My son had a great finishing time 2hr4 mins. Mine was 3hr 24 mins. so he was plenty cooled down when I made it back to the car. I will sure be run/walking it again next year. I had a blast. Next on the list is Columbus marathon! and of course the Breast Cancer Walk/Run here in Dayton.
My son is in Mississippi, we said our "see ya" about 3 hours after the Pig, he packed and then headed out. So far we can talk via texting and email, I only have that for a few more weeks then he will head out for Iraq. Its taking a little bit to get my game face on but it will come as the days go on. His last deployment he called 3 weeks after getting to Iraq and said he was coming home, I was so upset thinking he was hurt but he said " No mom, I am coming home for my R&R," it was strange to have him right back home after him just leaving, and the hardest part was that then he would go back and not come home for the full 11 months. That was really hard. But he traded his time slot with someone else that needed to be home later in the tour for a child's graduation.
Now on to yard news, I went to the Wild Birds unlimited and went Wild my self! I bought a pole system with 5 hooks, and one perch branch. On those hooks I have a Thistle feeder, Suet feeder, Song bird seed feeder and a cylinder feeder. I also bought a single pole for a wren/chickadee house. So we placed them and waited. It took a few days but we built it and they came. Last night I had a House Wren carrying twigs into his new home, and I have watched, Cardinals, House Sparrows, Golden Finches, and a Downy Woodpecker regularly at the feeder. My humming bird feeders has regular nectar seeking Hummers coming by, and the sounds of singing/chirping is music to my ears. We stopped last night at Gander Mountain and bought a better pair of Binoculars. I will give Doug my lesser ones and get to have the new ones. Sounds a little spoiled but it was my ideal!!! He is the reluctant follower of my new hobby, but he is starting to come around. he is getting ready to put up his Bat house, we found it at the very cool General Store Lehman's in Kidron,Ohio, . One of the little towns in Amish Country, So he is getting tons of info about bats and will post it later today. He was not sure he wanted to put one up but after looking for info he is convinced that its a neat ideal.
We Took a quick trip to Amish Country this week, left on Wed. and home on Thurs. It was so much fun, a very relaxing drive with so much to see. Doug was worried that it would be only Quilts. but the surprise was on him. I went to only one quilt shop, I got a few small Kits One is Chickadee's on a tree branch, oh so cute! But then it was on to the General Store Lehman's. And you could stay there all day and that is just what we did, even went back the next day armed with a list made from the catalog. Oh we got too many things to list but one thing was a Yard Bell, which he brought home and placed in our new flower garden area.
The rain barrel came last week and it is working wonderfully, its right by the garden so I don't have to use the hose for watering right now. The barrel is full and I would love to have a reserve tank but that will have to wait for now. Should have see us placing it in the rain! it came by FedEx and we couldn't wait to get it up and collecting! We are just too crazy for words. LOL
I have finished my snowman wreath rug hook project. I think I need to wait a little bit to start a new one. Nothing is sparking me right now, but believe I am looking for a project! I have been making YoYos, Today I am cutting fabric for my Bargello wall hanging for a class next weekend and the following weekend. This is going to be awesome, really pushing me out of the box. I am such a traditional girl. I am looking forward to the class, my dear friend and walking buddy Sarah is teaching it, and she is just too fun to be around! Her Bargello quilt just took the Blue ribbon at the Greenup County Quilt show this year! So proud of her! and really glad she is sharing her talent with us!
I spoke to my son last night and he said that my Mothers day present is going to be late, he ordered a Kindle for me online! I cant wait. this is going to be so neat, I have longed for one now for 6 months. I will keep you all posted with how well it works. I am going to have my husband help out with that gift, and I will include my Birthday in it also. that's a big gift!
OK, time to get this party started! I have fabric to cut stitches to sew and books to listen to on audio book. I am starting the Friday Knitting club book.
Just a few pics of the garden and the finishing medal from the Pig.
That's all for now.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

So Busy

This has really been a busy week.
My son has been in and out of my house all week. He is trying to get everything done before Saturday, We have the Call to Duty ceremony on Saturday at 1330hrs, the Flying Pig 1/2 marathon on Sunday morning and then taking him to the armory on Sunday night for the deployment on Monday morning, they guys have to spend the night on Sunday getting gear and people organized. I don't that I am ready for this again. So I better get my "game face on"
I bought my mothers day gift, I got a nice pair of binoculars and now spend a few minutes in the morning and then again in the evening looking at the birds in the back yard. I even have Doug out there with me. Ok, so I had to get two books to help me identify the birds I am seeing.
I was very excited that a few days ago we had our first of the season, Ruby Throated Humming bird at the feeder! they are here!! Thats one bird I didnt need a book to ID, theya re my fav bird of all!
Monday was Ikea shopping with my son, he bought a ton of things and let me tell you he is no good with putting things together, But fear not, Doug is the master at that!
Tuesday is quilt class at Fabric Crafts, I am still working on the Farm Quilt with the group although the group is way ahead of me! after class Rose and I went to the wool cottage, that rug hooking bug is very strong.
On Wednesday, I should have kept notes. I think it was spent in the sewing room and out on the porch! I redid a small house for the Farm Quilt because it was smaller than the other 3, and believe it or not if you peice it correctly you only have to sew it once! *that is for my quilting instuctor* I also shortened some curtains for my sons house, he is like most men, he found curtians he liked for the living room so he bought extra and wanted the same ones in the kitchen and utility room. He really believes in the "KISS" acronym (keep it simple stupid)
Thursday, in the middle of a rain shower Fedex delivered our rain barrel, soooo in the rain we put it together and got it collecting! by the end of the evening it was full. 60 gallons of free water for the plants. I went that afternoon and bought more plants at the Secret Garden in Pleasant Hills, I did get my tomato plants and the pepper plants also, besides the Million Bells hanging plants, what a beautiful garden center. I think I will be back for sure!
Friday I went to Cincinnati and picked up our race day packets. My son and I are all set to run the 1/2 marathon on Sunday. although he has not ran since last week he should be ok because his is young. Me, I ran twice this week but still feel under trained. they say you always feel that way. I am 6 miles short to 500 miles ran in a year and half. My goal was that 500 miles so now I need to set a new mile goal.
Today is getting a bird feeder, or two, Deployment Ceremony, Mass, and then a Nascar race. I must sleep early because Sunday will start about 0300am getting ready to run.
So you will find me on Monday just sitting in my chair maybe doing rug hooking because I will be to tired to do anything else!
I think thats all for now.