Monday, March 30, 2009

Foolish Goose Track

Here is the blocks Part 1 of Foolish Goose Tracks.

Another week down

I cant believe how fast this week has gone. I spent the week getting fabric cut for my Foolish Goose Tracks BOM. This pattern is from Burning the Midnight Oil, we have three parts so far and I have started piecing part one.
We had a great class at Fabric Crafts on Saturday, the apron class was a bunch of fun, I finished applique on the 12 aprons with plenty more to go, so I am going to make a list of things on the burner so nothing gets scorched. I am going to need a snow day/week to get all things in motion, finished.
I went with Rose to Meadow View Growers on Tuesday and bought 125 perennials but I did not put them out yet as the weather turned at the end of the week, this morning its only 32 degrees. I want to make a flower bed by the garage, thats one I will be able to see from my sewing room. I want a water fountain in it so I can hear the soothing sounds.
I found a local teacher for the primitive rug hooking. I called and Sarah and I are going to her open house this Friday. Her name is Alice and she is very open to teaching a class anytime or day of our choosing. I cant wait. this will be neat to add one more type of rug making to my list. I want to make a practice piece this week and just get the feel of the how it works.
My son got to come home this weekend for a 3 day pass, today is laundry day and then he gets back on the bus for 12 days, he will be home sometime on Easter for 4 days then back for training. He is trying to do everything and see everyone during these 3 days. Not easy.
My running is going good, I walked with Sarah twice this week for 1.2 miles each. and was able to run on the treadmill for 8.2 and 8.3 miles on Friday and Sunday. I am trying to build up that Cardio, My son said that I am running father than some of the guys in his unit can run. I have seen articles that say older runners do better, I think its because we are more dedicated to it.
Last night Sarah came over and helped me install EQ 5 on the sewing computer, I need to get busy learning it. Sad to say that I have had it for maybe 6-7 years and have never used it. Maybe now that I am not working I will learn it.
No pictures this week. maybe if I get my part one of the BOM finished today I post the pic, I also want to get a picture of Sarah and I walking, and of course our walking buddy, Max!
Thats all for now, Here's hoping for a productive week for all !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Charity Sewing

  Yesterday was National Quilt Day and the quilt club has a charity sew. This year was Autograph Bears for the Camp Bearable/Hospice.  They are the cutes bears and it was a lot of fun watching others sew the bears.  Well I hear the question, "Watching the others, didnt you sew a bear?"  Glad you ask, NO I did not sew a bear, I can sew quilts, with good directions. But these bears look very hard, so I just became the un-sewer, and curve snipper.  I stayed busy and didn't put a stitch in anything. 

  Then I was highjacked and taken to a couple of quilt shops. Where I picked up a few projects that I can not live without. and again I laughed and talked until I just about lost my voice.  I had to really control myself today to not go back to the 2nd quilt shop and buy the hook rug things so I could start a new craft.  Partly because I really want to learn how and mostly because I needed to clean my sewing room and need to get out of the house before it became the job of the day.  So my sewing room is clean and I ordered the rug hooking kit from online and can just wait till next week when it arrives. I started on the room before church and it continued after right up until just a few minutes ago when i put the sweeper away. I am so happy that it is clean again. My husband ask when I got the new new closet just you can open the door with every thing falling on you.
  Well thats about all from here. I think I will work on my Chop Suey quilt tomorrow I would like to get that done this week. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

From My House

  Hi again, I was so excited that I just had to post a new blog today. I thought I would show the room that I get to play in. 
  I have been working on the mystery quilt and completed 12 blocks, so part one is done! They came together in snap, I started cutting this morning and had completed the blocks by 1230 this afternoon. 
 The blocks are 6 1/4 inches, I cant wait till she adds part 2 at the beginning of April.  You still have time to go to the website and download the pattern and join me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From My House

  Ok, I have not blogged for too long. I have plenty to tell its just that I keep filling my days with new projects and then I am looking for the lost minutes of the day. 
  The socks I have put them away because I got to a point that is hard and such is my pattern to put things down when they get hard, I will get it back out soon and give it a go again. 
  I have two afghans at my chair that I am working on, the first is a University of Kentucky flag for my son and the other is a breast cancer ribbon flag. I was telling my husband that this is my afghan time of the year, I love to watch basketball and it seems that crocheting is my craft for the multi task time.  I am also thinking I might start a Ohio State flag one. 
  I have about 3 quilts going right now I finished the Victory Quilt, but started a new one. I have the Barn Quilt that I am still working on the last two weeks in the month, and I picked up quilt blocks that I started a year or more ago and really put the gas on that one, The pressure is on because I want to give it to the quilt club for auction this fall. The blocks are finished and yesterday at class I squared up so this week I will get the rows together and hopefully I will put it all together, I ask a new quilt club member that is just getting started in long-arming if she would like it for practice, and she agreed to do it for me!  I went to a quilting class a few weeks ago and started a Chop Suey quilt, I haven't touched it since the class. Now I am not going to tell you about all the other projects that I have kits for and printed patterns for and sorted fabric for...except for the new mystery quilt that I am starting today.
  I follow this Designer on Twitter, she is from New Zealand, this is the first time of joining in a sew-along online and I am excited. So excited that even at the late hour last night I was picking fabric.( will explain about the late night. too funny)
  Ok, So the third Tuesday of the month is a long quilting day, I have class till 3pm and then head to quilt club at 530pm.  Club usually last till about 830-845 pm. as it did last night. when we got back to the rendezvous spot, one of the girls found a flat tire on her car. Well she was going to call her sick husband to come out and change that tire, I was going to call my husband to come up, but then brave Sarah said..."Cant we just change it", well let me tell you fun ensued.
 Here we were, 4 mid-lifers and a car manual using the headlights from another car. this happened on the driveway of our quilt shop owners home so thankfully her husband was there and help get the lug nuts off that had just been put on a week before with a hydraulic tool. but I have full confidence that we would have gotten it between the 4 of us had he not been there. Let me say that it was much fun. and if stuck on a island I know who I want with me...these other 3 women! So it was almost 11pm when I rolled into my garage but most of that time we was talking and laughing. I was so keyed up that I picked fabric for the above mystery quilt and caught up on online things. Sleep came and went in about 4.5 hours, as I still woke up at normal time without alarm. 
  I am planning on cutting blocks for the above mystery quilt, setting a quilt together, getting more yarn for my afghans, going to visit two friends and oh maybe cooking dinner tonight, I think I need more coffee to get this all done. And I have been in front of this computer since just before 545am. time to get a move on.
  Oh wait, Gotta tell about my running.  Last week I was able to run for 15 minutes straight each time I worked out, so this week I tried 20 minutes and I was able to do it. So shhh, should I say it in writing, I am turning into a RUNNER! Can you tell I am excited. lol (ok thats all for now)