Saturday, September 19, 2009

A long Hiatus

I know its been ages since I have written on my blog. most will not check in to see that I have added a post. (except Rosalie)
Carol Christian and I have just spent 4 wonderful days in Townsend TN. We came to learn hand piecing and boy did we learn. It was such a pleasure to meet Cindy Blackberg, to learn her hand piecing techniques and for those that know me, buy almost all of her stamps and patterns.
We started the learning with a trip to Pappy's Quilt shop, wow what a neat place. She carries several of Cindy's stamps so to get a little learning edge, I bought a hexagon stamp and some scraps of fabric, and off we went to the hotel. Carol and I made 8 blocks that evening and into the next morning. Well the next afternoon, Cindy started her instruction with a kit that included a hexagon block to put together. well Carol and I could have taught the class, LOL. I told Carol that I am not sure I need a sewing room anymore, LOL. There was not time during the class that I felt rushed or behind. It was very put together and Cindy is a fun teacher. I am already looking forward to the next year. And for sure I will be going!
OK, enough for now I am still on the road to home, Today we are stopping at the Quilt Box in Dry Ridge Kentucky, then heading for home. I need to get home and start the laundry, unpack and get my project out and look at it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feeling like I have neglected blog

Hi everyone, I have be intending to get back to blogging but..., there are too many excuses to use to finish this sentence. Lets just say that I have not been found twiddling my fingers.
I will start the first project by blaming Rosalie. During the summer the quilt classes go on hiatus due to the family reunion at the farm. So for two weeks I worked on my sewing and wandered out into the world and got what I thought would be a part time job. Strike the part time and insert full time charge nurse of a Dialysis Unit. I love it, and I absolutely love the patients there. So I made a promise to myself that I would work for at least the next 5 years there or somewhere.
I am missing the regular routine of watching the birds twice a day and throughout the day for stolen moments. But it must be said that there is nothing better than pulling into the driveway, seeing the feeders full and the birds happily eating at the end of busy day. I have seen some pretty amazing sites. one I didnt capture on film was the juvenile Bald Eagle that was resting atop my feeder. That was spectacular! and then a few days later I had two Pileated Woodpeckers. I did get a picture of one of them, the other woodpecker stayed in the tree.
I took a trip to Anthens Ohio for a quilt show and lets just say a wild turkey and my car almost became one! I still say "I dont break for birds" but 70 mph and 25lbs with feathers DONT MIX WELL. Its a good thing there was not another bird on the highway cause I laughed so hard the tears was flooding my vision. We came, We saw, and we Spent. I didnt spend much at the vendors booths at the quilt show but there was a cute little shop in the mall area that obtained several of my greenbacks. (Debit
Then came Saturday, I took a bus trip with the Towne Squares Quilt Club, to Marion Indiana to the Quilters Hall of Fame. More laughing and talking and wonderful quilt talk! And of course I left more greenbacks in Indiana. I need a new tub for my TO DO kits and patterns. I am not sure I will finish all of them before I die but maybe it will help my husband by either, attracting a new mate or bringing in some extra cash from the yard sale.
William is doing very well, I get an instant message on AOL almost every day, I have it set up to send any messages straight to my phone and I can reply to it also, that has really helped me not feel guilty for being at work when he sends a message. So to all my friends. Sorry for the constant beeping from my phone, I have twitter and facebook and aol instant messanger coming to my phone. I dont want to miss a single chance to speak to him. I also downloaded skype and that is a very neat program. Although it is harder to run from Iraq, the page is not loading very quickly or not at all. I was at Quilt club the other night and one of my dear friends stood and begain call others of my friends to the front of the group, I sat there thinking, Man what did I miss out on getting to do? And how did I miss out on getting to do it? Then I found out what it was. My friend Sarah was very much touched by my son leaving the country for Iraq. So she pulled 20 of my other friends together to make a quilt to honor his 3rd tour over there. As she talked the tears (ugly crying face) flowed. I still cannot believe how beautiful it is. I have spent some time each day looking at the blocks. I am touched by the love and caring that went into each and every block. The fabric choices and the quilting, and the block placement, it just overwhelms me! I wrote to William, he was so proud of this quilt. he said that he has bragged and shown everyone his quilt. He and I agree that the sand is no place for something with such meaning. So it will stay with me awaiting his return. It is going to make an appearance at the Fall Quilt show in Greenville, I cant tell you how proud I am of the beauty that 21 of my friends put together. I am also impressed that Sarah was able to keep such a big secrete from me!
I have been walking in the Reserves here at least 3 days a week with my friend Jen. We have been putting in about 10 miles each trip, We took this week off and need to get a move on for next. I hope we get out maybe Sunday for a walk. I havent done much running, just the fast paced walk. There is nothing better than the sights and sounds of our walk. I cant tell you in words the feeling you get after burning up the trails there!
well I better get moving, I am headed to Fabric Crafts for a class. Starting a new project. Just what I need a new project but, I have to do it. it has a bird house and flowers. oh and a bee on
so thats all for now, I will try to update a little sooner!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Its been awhile!

I cant believe that its been so long since I have blogged, time is just getting away from me. I have been busy working on my quilting, Last weekend I took a class at Fabric Crafts. We made very pretty humming bird wall hangings. Well, one of the girls had cut the blocks down to make it fit on one of her hangers which inspired me to make a smaller one also, I decided to make my smaller one a female humming bird. The picture is of the male. I have put my Bargello on hold, its pretty intense and I am being very light and flighty! LOL
My flower bed is growing like crazy. The flowers are so pretty, and the bird feeders keep growing also, I just added a peanut feeder the other day and It's so neat to watch the Red Bellied Woodpecker hoard his food, and then come back the next day to eat his hidden stash. The Nuthatch and Tufted Titmouse love it as well, I love watching the Chickadee with a peanut they are so small to have such a large beak full to fly with.
I have been kinda slacking on working out lately, I have worked out once a week for about 1/2 what I am use to doing. I really need to get back to a better training schedule. before I know it the Columbus Marathon will be here. I went yesterday to the Y with my Battle Buddy Jen, and we did get in 5 miles on the stationary bike and 5 miles on the walking track. It felt good but I really miss the outside walking, I want to try and walk on Sunday at the Dam. thats a 7 mile walk.
Today I went in to the Dialysis clinic that I use to work for, they are in need of a nurse to work as needed. its called PRN. I will not have regular hours to work, but will pick up when I want and they will call if they have a need. its a win win for all involved. I was so happy with the arrangement. that way some weeks I can work more and others not at all. My boss wants me to walk in the kidney walk in Oct, that will be awesome. The other good news today was that my very good friend Karen took my old position as full time staff nurse. So we get to work together again. Plus she is leaving a poor company and going to a much better company! Its a good thing I got my CPR card renewed last week. I just renewed my Nurses License 3 days ago. Oh boy more craft money!!!!
My Daughter is living just two blocks away so I am getting to see my grand babies again. Garrett is 10 months old and just so sweet, and the girls are getting so big, Aydin is still talking up a storm! he is non-stop for him. They are with their aunt tonight for a backyard camping adventure, they couldn't wait. I sure hope that it don't rain tonight.
My son is in New Orleans for is Pass before he leaves for Iraq, the pictures he is sending looks like the group is having a blast, He is feeling guilty about not coming home before he leaves. I told him to stop it. This same thing happened when he went the 2nd time. He came home for Christmas and went with his buddy to New York to see the other guys family also, He thought it would be neat to see New York at Christmas, So his leave was really short with us. I know that they want to do as much before they go, because it will be a year of nothing but work. Its hard to think about having to work every day for 365 days. there is no days off. oops only 14 days for R & R. But still I cant even get my head around working that much. He said that he worked and slept that way he was only in Iraq half the time. Makes me sad to think about it.
But this time will fly, I have good friends and family to boost me up and push me through!
OK, time to get moving.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Friday, May 8, 2009

finding time

Well the Flying Pig was just fantastic, we had fair weather, it was misting most of the run, with a breeze through-out. My son started with me and then I didn't see him till I got back to the car. There was people everywhere. Some running, some walking, and some like me doing both, I would run for a mile then walk a mile and if my run was at a hill I would walk! My son had a great finishing time 2hr4 mins. Mine was 3hr 24 mins. so he was plenty cooled down when I made it back to the car. I will sure be run/walking it again next year. I had a blast. Next on the list is Columbus marathon! and of course the Breast Cancer Walk/Run here in Dayton.
My son is in Mississippi, we said our "see ya" about 3 hours after the Pig, he packed and then headed out. So far we can talk via texting and email, I only have that for a few more weeks then he will head out for Iraq. Its taking a little bit to get my game face on but it will come as the days go on. His last deployment he called 3 weeks after getting to Iraq and said he was coming home, I was so upset thinking he was hurt but he said " No mom, I am coming home for my R&R," it was strange to have him right back home after him just leaving, and the hardest part was that then he would go back and not come home for the full 11 months. That was really hard. But he traded his time slot with someone else that needed to be home later in the tour for a child's graduation.
Now on to yard news, I went to the Wild Birds unlimited and went Wild my self! I bought a pole system with 5 hooks, and one perch branch. On those hooks I have a Thistle feeder, Suet feeder, Song bird seed feeder and a cylinder feeder. I also bought a single pole for a wren/chickadee house. So we placed them and waited. It took a few days but we built it and they came. Last night I had a House Wren carrying twigs into his new home, and I have watched, Cardinals, House Sparrows, Golden Finches, and a Downy Woodpecker regularly at the feeder. My humming bird feeders has regular nectar seeking Hummers coming by, and the sounds of singing/chirping is music to my ears. We stopped last night at Gander Mountain and bought a better pair of Binoculars. I will give Doug my lesser ones and get to have the new ones. Sounds a little spoiled but it was my ideal!!! He is the reluctant follower of my new hobby, but he is starting to come around. he is getting ready to put up his Bat house, we found it at the very cool General Store Lehman's in Kidron,Ohio, . One of the little towns in Amish Country, So he is getting tons of info about bats and will post it later today. He was not sure he wanted to put one up but after looking for info he is convinced that its a neat ideal.
We Took a quick trip to Amish Country this week, left on Wed. and home on Thurs. It was so much fun, a very relaxing drive with so much to see. Doug was worried that it would be only Quilts. but the surprise was on him. I went to only one quilt shop, I got a few small Kits One is Chickadee's on a tree branch, oh so cute! But then it was on to the General Store Lehman's. And you could stay there all day and that is just what we did, even went back the next day armed with a list made from the catalog. Oh we got too many things to list but one thing was a Yard Bell, which he brought home and placed in our new flower garden area.
The rain barrel came last week and it is working wonderfully, its right by the garden so I don't have to use the hose for watering right now. The barrel is full and I would love to have a reserve tank but that will have to wait for now. Should have see us placing it in the rain! it came by FedEx and we couldn't wait to get it up and collecting! We are just too crazy for words. LOL
I have finished my snowman wreath rug hook project. I think I need to wait a little bit to start a new one. Nothing is sparking me right now, but believe I am looking for a project! I have been making YoYos, Today I am cutting fabric for my Bargello wall hanging for a class next weekend and the following weekend. This is going to be awesome, really pushing me out of the box. I am such a traditional girl. I am looking forward to the class, my dear friend and walking buddy Sarah is teaching it, and she is just too fun to be around! Her Bargello quilt just took the Blue ribbon at the Greenup County Quilt show this year! So proud of her! and really glad she is sharing her talent with us!
I spoke to my son last night and he said that my Mothers day present is going to be late, he ordered a Kindle for me online! I cant wait. this is going to be so neat, I have longed for one now for 6 months. I will keep you all posted with how well it works. I am going to have my husband help out with that gift, and I will include my Birthday in it also. that's a big gift!
OK, time to get this party started! I have fabric to cut stitches to sew and books to listen to on audio book. I am starting the Friday Knitting club book.
Just a few pics of the garden and the finishing medal from the Pig.
That's all for now.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

So Busy

This has really been a busy week.
My son has been in and out of my house all week. He is trying to get everything done before Saturday, We have the Call to Duty ceremony on Saturday at 1330hrs, the Flying Pig 1/2 marathon on Sunday morning and then taking him to the armory on Sunday night for the deployment on Monday morning, they guys have to spend the night on Sunday getting gear and people organized. I don't that I am ready for this again. So I better get my "game face on"
I bought my mothers day gift, I got a nice pair of binoculars and now spend a few minutes in the morning and then again in the evening looking at the birds in the back yard. I even have Doug out there with me. Ok, so I had to get two books to help me identify the birds I am seeing.
I was very excited that a few days ago we had our first of the season, Ruby Throated Humming bird at the feeder! they are here!! Thats one bird I didnt need a book to ID, theya re my fav bird of all!
Monday was Ikea shopping with my son, he bought a ton of things and let me tell you he is no good with putting things together, But fear not, Doug is the master at that!
Tuesday is quilt class at Fabric Crafts, I am still working on the Farm Quilt with the group although the group is way ahead of me! after class Rose and I went to the wool cottage, that rug hooking bug is very strong.
On Wednesday, I should have kept notes. I think it was spent in the sewing room and out on the porch! I redid a small house for the Farm Quilt because it was smaller than the other 3, and believe it or not if you peice it correctly you only have to sew it once! *that is for my quilting instuctor* I also shortened some curtains for my sons house, he is like most men, he found curtians he liked for the living room so he bought extra and wanted the same ones in the kitchen and utility room. He really believes in the "KISS" acronym (keep it simple stupid)
Thursday, in the middle of a rain shower Fedex delivered our rain barrel, soooo in the rain we put it together and got it collecting! by the end of the evening it was full. 60 gallons of free water for the plants. I went that afternoon and bought more plants at the Secret Garden in Pleasant Hills, I did get my tomato plants and the pepper plants also, besides the Million Bells hanging plants, what a beautiful garden center. I think I will be back for sure!
Friday I went to Cincinnati and picked up our race day packets. My son and I are all set to run the 1/2 marathon on Sunday. although he has not ran since last week he should be ok because his is young. Me, I ran twice this week but still feel under trained. they say you always feel that way. I am 6 miles short to 500 miles ran in a year and half. My goal was that 500 miles so now I need to set a new mile goal.
Today is getting a bird feeder, or two, Deployment Ceremony, Mass, and then a Nascar race. I must sleep early because Sunday will start about 0300am getting ready to run.
So you will find me on Monday just sitting in my chair maybe doing rug hooking because I will be to tired to do anything else!
I think thats all for now.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Flowers and other projects

Well another week down and still moving forward. This week I got to walk/run at Good Sam North Park, it was just spectacular! A friend came up and we walked 8.6 miles back there, it took us to the other side of the Englewood Dam.
My friend Karen is very quiet and private but she called at the begining of the week and ask if I would go with her to the Dayton Tea Party, I was very surprised she wanted to go and be in that big crowd but I said yes, I would go with her. So on Wenesday We got our signs drawn up and colored and off to Courthouse Square we went. Just us and about 7-8 thousand others. It was pretty neat to be a part of something so different. If it wasnt for Karen I wouldnt have done it. She ask me what Law Enforcement really thinks of protest and I said we mostly think of the overtime it brought, so she laughed and said "Good then I am helping someones paycheck"
I have done just about every craft I can think of this week. I started the week with the Rug Hooking, I went to Kindred Spirits Cottage for Rug Hooking club on Monday night and it was alot of fun, about 7 of us ladies all working on different things. I finished the Flag wall hanging I was working on. I now have a new rug ready for hooking. I have worked in the sewing room on gathering fabric and getting things organized for block 4 of the Burning the Midnight Oil BOM. I got all my Cross Stitch finished projects out and Ironed them and need to get them framed, I have about 8 things waiting on framing. Of course started a new cross stitch project to finish of Military Seals for my son, I have three branches done and only need to finish the Marine seal to complete the set.
Several weeks ago I ordered 20 Milatary Rosary Kits from online. they finally came in this week, Thursday my Friend and I began Stringing and Knotting them. Jennifer is a friend from Nursing School and she is my least crafty friend! well not true, Karen is not very crafty, but Jen is the friend that helped, she was stringing them because she didnt like the knots, and I was knotting them. In that afternoon she had strung 14 of them, and I had knotted 10, it took a few more hours that night and then a few in the morning, but by friday afternoon they were complete. Father Bill Blessed them during Mass on Saturday Night, So I will be giving them to my son and his Catholic buddies before they deploy on May 4th. So that was one more crafting thing done this week, Beading. LOL
Yesterday was cloudy and looked the threat of rain, so I finally got my perennials in the ground! I think all 125 plants are still alive this morning, And late in the afternoon it started a nice soft rain so they got a good soak. Doug is still working on the end that will hold my water fountain. So one bed is not enough so I ask Doug to dig out another round one. I want one for early bloomers, and one of those weeping small trees. Oh just one more thing to mow around for him, maybe he will teach me to use his riding lawn mower.
Today I am going to pick out Paint for my son's living room, we are going to try and get it painted and the new floor put in before he gets home on Friday. I would like him to have a nice place to hangout for the last week before he leaves for Iraq.

Ok thats all for now, I will try and take pictures of us painting his living room. and I will try to control the inner voices asking for more craft projects! mawhahaha

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

A quick Blog this morning. Happy Easter !
Rose and I took a fantastic class on Good Friday, We went to Kindred Spirits Cottage and Alice taught us Rug Hooking, (we now have 2 degree's in HOOKING!) I cant believe that I am going to try to find one more minute of the day to add a new craft! But with my multiple personalities I can please all of my inner voices! I am just glad that my Husband is mostly able to fend for himself.
I ran several times this week with one of the time being 9.2 miles! I was tired later that day but boy that was fun. I gotta get ready for the Flying Pig or I will be the crawling Pig on May the 3rd.
I have been working on the Wall Hanging for the Club Prizes and they are so neat! I am very happy with how the Asters are coming out.
Yesterday I made the home made dinner rolls and I am now not sure there will be any for dinner tonight, between My husband, son and myself...we couldnt resist them warm from the oven. Glad I only make them for holidays.
Ok, time to get ready for Mass,
Until next time..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Being productive

  I had a very busy week of last. I spent more time out shopping than I have ever done! I had a blast but now I have to get my focus (Sarah) 
  I cut fabric for my Foolish Goose track and made block two without much trouble. But I had issue with block three, I cut wrong and went to the fabric store for new fabric, then I started the Flying Geese and wow, they did not have a point on them. So after much thought, I went back to the fabric store and bought Eleanor Burns ruler, and more fabric. came home and spent Saturday and Sunday, sun-up to sun-down working on block three. and finally 12 full blocks and 6 half blocks completed. phew!
  I spent yesterday working on the 3 wall hanging's for the quilt club prizes. I made a small dent in those. I will continue to work on that for this week, 
  I walked several time with Sarah last week, and didnt get on the treadmill the whole week. Well yesterday I went down and did a great workout, I was afraid I had lost my cardio but it was fine. Then last night my son called and said that he had gotten permission from commanders, that he is able to run The Flying Pig Marathon on Sunday the 3rd of May, which is the day before he is to deploy. So the slacking is over!! I must get my conditioning boosted to 13.2 miles per time. I plan to use the walk with Sarah as a warm-up and then come home and jump on the treadmill...let's see if this works. 
  The girls that I talk with on twitter is making two quilts for our sports granny, she does not sew and loves to hear about our adventures with fabric, her daughter has begged her to sew and she wont have any of it! So several of us are making blocks and they will send them to me and I will set them together and get the quilts ready for gift giving. This is going to be much fun, our friend knows about the quilt for her daughter but not about the one for herself. So this morning I am going to class and need to pick some fabric for 8 blocks. I haven't even pick the blocks yet but I am sure something will come to me. 
  I am very excited that on Friday of last week I went to a grand opening of a Rug Hooking cottage. it was very nice and she offers classes, So a few of us are set up to take class on Friday this week, I cant wait! this is going to be such fun. My favorite thing to do...take a class and learn a new fiber craft! 
  Ok, so last week I cooked, shopped, walked, sewed, crocheted and...oh I cant think of anything else. Below is the two blocks that make up part 2 and 3 of my Foolish Goose Tracks, Burning the Midnight Oil BOM ( not shown is the 1/2 blocks for part three will post later)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Foolish Goose Track

Here is the blocks Part 1 of Foolish Goose Tracks.

Another week down

I cant believe how fast this week has gone. I spent the week getting fabric cut for my Foolish Goose Tracks BOM. This pattern is from Burning the Midnight Oil, we have three parts so far and I have started piecing part one.
We had a great class at Fabric Crafts on Saturday, the apron class was a bunch of fun, I finished applique on the 12 aprons with plenty more to go, so I am going to make a list of things on the burner so nothing gets scorched. I am going to need a snow day/week to get all things in motion, finished.
I went with Rose to Meadow View Growers on Tuesday and bought 125 perennials but I did not put them out yet as the weather turned at the end of the week, this morning its only 32 degrees. I want to make a flower bed by the garage, thats one I will be able to see from my sewing room. I want a water fountain in it so I can hear the soothing sounds.
I found a local teacher for the primitive rug hooking. I called and Sarah and I are going to her open house this Friday. Her name is Alice and she is very open to teaching a class anytime or day of our choosing. I cant wait. this will be neat to add one more type of rug making to my list. I want to make a practice piece this week and just get the feel of the how it works.
My son got to come home this weekend for a 3 day pass, today is laundry day and then he gets back on the bus for 12 days, he will be home sometime on Easter for 4 days then back for training. He is trying to do everything and see everyone during these 3 days. Not easy.
My running is going good, I walked with Sarah twice this week for 1.2 miles each. and was able to run on the treadmill for 8.2 and 8.3 miles on Friday and Sunday. I am trying to build up that Cardio, My son said that I am running father than some of the guys in his unit can run. I have seen articles that say older runners do better, I think its because we are more dedicated to it.
Last night Sarah came over and helped me install EQ 5 on the sewing computer, I need to get busy learning it. Sad to say that I have had it for maybe 6-7 years and have never used it. Maybe now that I am not working I will learn it.
No pictures this week. maybe if I get my part one of the BOM finished today I post the pic, I also want to get a picture of Sarah and I walking, and of course our walking buddy, Max!
Thats all for now, Here's hoping for a productive week for all !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Charity Sewing

  Yesterday was National Quilt Day and the quilt club has a charity sew. This year was Autograph Bears for the Camp Bearable/Hospice.  They are the cutes bears and it was a lot of fun watching others sew the bears.  Well I hear the question, "Watching the others, didnt you sew a bear?"  Glad you ask, NO I did not sew a bear, I can sew quilts, with good directions. But these bears look very hard, so I just became the un-sewer, and curve snipper.  I stayed busy and didn't put a stitch in anything. 

  Then I was highjacked and taken to a couple of quilt shops. Where I picked up a few projects that I can not live without. and again I laughed and talked until I just about lost my voice.  I had to really control myself today to not go back to the 2nd quilt shop and buy the hook rug things so I could start a new craft.  Partly because I really want to learn how and mostly because I needed to clean my sewing room and need to get out of the house before it became the job of the day.  So my sewing room is clean and I ordered the rug hooking kit from online and can just wait till next week when it arrives. I started on the room before church and it continued after right up until just a few minutes ago when i put the sweeper away. I am so happy that it is clean again. My husband ask when I got the new new closet just you can open the door with every thing falling on you.
  Well thats about all from here. I think I will work on my Chop Suey quilt tomorrow I would like to get that done this week. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

From My House

  Hi again, I was so excited that I just had to post a new blog today. I thought I would show the room that I get to play in. 
  I have been working on the mystery quilt and completed 12 blocks, so part one is done! They came together in snap, I started cutting this morning and had completed the blocks by 1230 this afternoon. 
 The blocks are 6 1/4 inches, I cant wait till she adds part 2 at the beginning of April.  You still have time to go to the website and download the pattern and join me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From My House

  Ok, I have not blogged for too long. I have plenty to tell its just that I keep filling my days with new projects and then I am looking for the lost minutes of the day. 
  The socks I have put them away because I got to a point that is hard and such is my pattern to put things down when they get hard, I will get it back out soon and give it a go again. 
  I have two afghans at my chair that I am working on, the first is a University of Kentucky flag for my son and the other is a breast cancer ribbon flag. I was telling my husband that this is my afghan time of the year, I love to watch basketball and it seems that crocheting is my craft for the multi task time.  I am also thinking I might start a Ohio State flag one. 
  I have about 3 quilts going right now I finished the Victory Quilt, but started a new one. I have the Barn Quilt that I am still working on the last two weeks in the month, and I picked up quilt blocks that I started a year or more ago and really put the gas on that one, The pressure is on because I want to give it to the quilt club for auction this fall. The blocks are finished and yesterday at class I squared up so this week I will get the rows together and hopefully I will put it all together, I ask a new quilt club member that is just getting started in long-arming if she would like it for practice, and she agreed to do it for me!  I went to a quilting class a few weeks ago and started a Chop Suey quilt, I haven't touched it since the class. Now I am not going to tell you about all the other projects that I have kits for and printed patterns for and sorted fabric for...except for the new mystery quilt that I am starting today.
  I follow this Designer on Twitter, she is from New Zealand, this is the first time of joining in a sew-along online and I am excited. So excited that even at the late hour last night I was picking fabric.( will explain about the late night. too funny)
  Ok, So the third Tuesday of the month is a long quilting day, I have class till 3pm and then head to quilt club at 530pm.  Club usually last till about 830-845 pm. as it did last night. when we got back to the rendezvous spot, one of the girls found a flat tire on her car. Well she was going to call her sick husband to come out and change that tire, I was going to call my husband to come up, but then brave Sarah said..."Cant we just change it", well let me tell you fun ensued.
 Here we were, 4 mid-lifers and a car manual using the headlights from another car. this happened on the driveway of our quilt shop owners home so thankfully her husband was there and help get the lug nuts off that had just been put on a week before with a hydraulic tool. but I have full confidence that we would have gotten it between the 4 of us had he not been there. Let me say that it was much fun. and if stuck on a island I know who I want with me...these other 3 women! So it was almost 11pm when I rolled into my garage but most of that time we was talking and laughing. I was so keyed up that I picked fabric for the above mystery quilt and caught up on online things. Sleep came and went in about 4.5 hours, as I still woke up at normal time without alarm. 
  I am planning on cutting blocks for the above mystery quilt, setting a quilt together, getting more yarn for my afghans, going to visit two friends and oh maybe cooking dinner tonight, I think I need more coffee to get this all done. And I have been in front of this computer since just before 545am. time to get a move on.
  Oh wait, Gotta tell about my running.  Last week I was able to run for 15 minutes straight each time I worked out, so this week I tried 20 minutes and I was able to do it. So shhh, should I say it in writing, I am turning into a RUNNER! Can you tell I am excited. lol (ok thats all for now)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

From my house

  Its been a busy week. I had quilt class on Tuesday and made a few blocks for my Victory Quilt. I ordered and received my Underground Railroad Quilt book, and ordered Fabric from Quilt in a Day for that quilt. I cant wait to start that quilt.
  I started a sock on circular needles, its my first ever sock, so I am really excited about learning how to do this. I have a book to make 2 socks at the same time on the circular needles so maybe after this practice pair I will try that pattern.
  I am walking like crazy on the treadmill, My new dentist talked me into looking into the Columbus half marathon.  So now I am training for my first marathon. its not till Oct. so I have sometime to get ready. I am kinda sad though because my son will not be here to go with me and he really wants to run in a marathon.
  So lets see, this week I have quilted, knitted, hand sewn binding, did 3 loads of laundry, went for job interview, been to the Y 4 times for 5 miles each, got my hair cut, went to the dentist and I think that just about wraps it up, and its only thursday! wow I cant wait for the weekend.
Thats all for now from my house

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My first Blog,

  I spent the day quilting, I made 3 Foundation quilt blocks and 2 log cabin blocks, for a Farm quilt sampler I began with my quilt class. I started a pair of knitted socks last night using the magic loop technique. I have never done socks or magic loop so I am very much a student.  My husband is very understanding of my crafting. I buy things that I might put away for a year or more and then all of a sudden I will pull it out and start working on it. I am blessed to have a room for my sewing and most of my craft supplies. I am sad to say that I it can get very much a mess but never so much that I cant get to my Pfaff sewing machine!