Saturday, May 2, 2009

So Busy

This has really been a busy week.
My son has been in and out of my house all week. He is trying to get everything done before Saturday, We have the Call to Duty ceremony on Saturday at 1330hrs, the Flying Pig 1/2 marathon on Sunday morning and then taking him to the armory on Sunday night for the deployment on Monday morning, they guys have to spend the night on Sunday getting gear and people organized. I don't that I am ready for this again. So I better get my "game face on"
I bought my mothers day gift, I got a nice pair of binoculars and now spend a few minutes in the morning and then again in the evening looking at the birds in the back yard. I even have Doug out there with me. Ok, so I had to get two books to help me identify the birds I am seeing.
I was very excited that a few days ago we had our first of the season, Ruby Throated Humming bird at the feeder! they are here!! Thats one bird I didnt need a book to ID, theya re my fav bird of all!
Monday was Ikea shopping with my son, he bought a ton of things and let me tell you he is no good with putting things together, But fear not, Doug is the master at that!
Tuesday is quilt class at Fabric Crafts, I am still working on the Farm Quilt with the group although the group is way ahead of me! after class Rose and I went to the wool cottage, that rug hooking bug is very strong.
On Wednesday, I should have kept notes. I think it was spent in the sewing room and out on the porch! I redid a small house for the Farm Quilt because it was smaller than the other 3, and believe it or not if you peice it correctly you only have to sew it once! *that is for my quilting instuctor* I also shortened some curtains for my sons house, he is like most men, he found curtians he liked for the living room so he bought extra and wanted the same ones in the kitchen and utility room. He really believes in the "KISS" acronym (keep it simple stupid)
Thursday, in the middle of a rain shower Fedex delivered our rain barrel, soooo in the rain we put it together and got it collecting! by the end of the evening it was full. 60 gallons of free water for the plants. I went that afternoon and bought more plants at the Secret Garden in Pleasant Hills, I did get my tomato plants and the pepper plants also, besides the Million Bells hanging plants, what a beautiful garden center. I think I will be back for sure!
Friday I went to Cincinnati and picked up our race day packets. My son and I are all set to run the 1/2 marathon on Sunday. although he has not ran since last week he should be ok because his is young. Me, I ran twice this week but still feel under trained. they say you always feel that way. I am 6 miles short to 500 miles ran in a year and half. My goal was that 500 miles so now I need to set a new mile goal.
Today is getting a bird feeder, or two, Deployment Ceremony, Mass, and then a Nascar race. I must sleep early because Sunday will start about 0300am getting ready to run.
So you will find me on Monday just sitting in my chair maybe doing rug hooking because I will be to tired to do anything else!
I think thats all for now.

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