Monday, April 20, 2009

Flowers and other projects

Well another week down and still moving forward. This week I got to walk/run at Good Sam North Park, it was just spectacular! A friend came up and we walked 8.6 miles back there, it took us to the other side of the Englewood Dam.
My friend Karen is very quiet and private but she called at the begining of the week and ask if I would go with her to the Dayton Tea Party, I was very surprised she wanted to go and be in that big crowd but I said yes, I would go with her. So on Wenesday We got our signs drawn up and colored and off to Courthouse Square we went. Just us and about 7-8 thousand others. It was pretty neat to be a part of something so different. If it wasnt for Karen I wouldnt have done it. She ask me what Law Enforcement really thinks of protest and I said we mostly think of the overtime it brought, so she laughed and said "Good then I am helping someones paycheck"
I have done just about every craft I can think of this week. I started the week with the Rug Hooking, I went to Kindred Spirits Cottage for Rug Hooking club on Monday night and it was alot of fun, about 7 of us ladies all working on different things. I finished the Flag wall hanging I was working on. I now have a new rug ready for hooking. I have worked in the sewing room on gathering fabric and getting things organized for block 4 of the Burning the Midnight Oil BOM. I got all my Cross Stitch finished projects out and Ironed them and need to get them framed, I have about 8 things waiting on framing. Of course started a new cross stitch project to finish of Military Seals for my son, I have three branches done and only need to finish the Marine seal to complete the set.
Several weeks ago I ordered 20 Milatary Rosary Kits from online. they finally came in this week, Thursday my Friend and I began Stringing and Knotting them. Jennifer is a friend from Nursing School and she is my least crafty friend! well not true, Karen is not very crafty, but Jen is the friend that helped, she was stringing them because she didnt like the knots, and I was knotting them. In that afternoon she had strung 14 of them, and I had knotted 10, it took a few more hours that night and then a few in the morning, but by friday afternoon they were complete. Father Bill Blessed them during Mass on Saturday Night, So I will be giving them to my son and his Catholic buddies before they deploy on May 4th. So that was one more crafting thing done this week, Beading. LOL
Yesterday was cloudy and looked the threat of rain, so I finally got my perennials in the ground! I think all 125 plants are still alive this morning, And late in the afternoon it started a nice soft rain so they got a good soak. Doug is still working on the end that will hold my water fountain. So one bed is not enough so I ask Doug to dig out another round one. I want one for early bloomers, and one of those weeping small trees. Oh just one more thing to mow around for him, maybe he will teach me to use his riding lawn mower.
Today I am going to pick out Paint for my son's living room, we are going to try and get it painted and the new floor put in before he gets home on Friday. I would like him to have a nice place to hangout for the last week before he leaves for Iraq.

Ok thats all for now, I will try and take pictures of us painting his living room. and I will try to control the inner voices asking for more craft projects! mawhahaha

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