Friday, June 12, 2009

Its been awhile!

I cant believe that its been so long since I have blogged, time is just getting away from me. I have been busy working on my quilting, Last weekend I took a class at Fabric Crafts. We made very pretty humming bird wall hangings. Well, one of the girls had cut the blocks down to make it fit on one of her hangers which inspired me to make a smaller one also, I decided to make my smaller one a female humming bird. The picture is of the male. I have put my Bargello on hold, its pretty intense and I am being very light and flighty! LOL
My flower bed is growing like crazy. The flowers are so pretty, and the bird feeders keep growing also, I just added a peanut feeder the other day and It's so neat to watch the Red Bellied Woodpecker hoard his food, and then come back the next day to eat his hidden stash. The Nuthatch and Tufted Titmouse love it as well, I love watching the Chickadee with a peanut they are so small to have such a large beak full to fly with.
I have been kinda slacking on working out lately, I have worked out once a week for about 1/2 what I am use to doing. I really need to get back to a better training schedule. before I know it the Columbus Marathon will be here. I went yesterday to the Y with my Battle Buddy Jen, and we did get in 5 miles on the stationary bike and 5 miles on the walking track. It felt good but I really miss the outside walking, I want to try and walk on Sunday at the Dam. thats a 7 mile walk.
Today I went in to the Dialysis clinic that I use to work for, they are in need of a nurse to work as needed. its called PRN. I will not have regular hours to work, but will pick up when I want and they will call if they have a need. its a win win for all involved. I was so happy with the arrangement. that way some weeks I can work more and others not at all. My boss wants me to walk in the kidney walk in Oct, that will be awesome. The other good news today was that my very good friend Karen took my old position as full time staff nurse. So we get to work together again. Plus she is leaving a poor company and going to a much better company! Its a good thing I got my CPR card renewed last week. I just renewed my Nurses License 3 days ago. Oh boy more craft money!!!!
My Daughter is living just two blocks away so I am getting to see my grand babies again. Garrett is 10 months old and just so sweet, and the girls are getting so big, Aydin is still talking up a storm! he is non-stop for him. They are with their aunt tonight for a backyard camping adventure, they couldn't wait. I sure hope that it don't rain tonight.
My son is in New Orleans for is Pass before he leaves for Iraq, the pictures he is sending looks like the group is having a blast, He is feeling guilty about not coming home before he leaves. I told him to stop it. This same thing happened when he went the 2nd time. He came home for Christmas and went with his buddy to New York to see the other guys family also, He thought it would be neat to see New York at Christmas, So his leave was really short with us. I know that they want to do as much before they go, because it will be a year of nothing but work. Its hard to think about having to work every day for 365 days. there is no days off. oops only 14 days for R & R. But still I cant even get my head around working that much. He said that he worked and slept that way he was only in Iraq half the time. Makes me sad to think about it.
But this time will fly, I have good friends and family to boost me up and push me through!
OK, time to get moving.
I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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