Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feeling like I have neglected blog

Hi everyone, I have be intending to get back to blogging but..., there are too many excuses to use to finish this sentence. Lets just say that I have not been found twiddling my fingers.
I will start the first project by blaming Rosalie. During the summer the quilt classes go on hiatus due to the family reunion at the farm. So for two weeks I worked on my sewing and wandered out into the world and got what I thought would be a part time job. Strike the part time and insert full time charge nurse of a Dialysis Unit. I love it, and I absolutely love the patients there. So I made a promise to myself that I would work for at least the next 5 years there or somewhere.
I am missing the regular routine of watching the birds twice a day and throughout the day for stolen moments. But it must be said that there is nothing better than pulling into the driveway, seeing the feeders full and the birds happily eating at the end of busy day. I have seen some pretty amazing sites. one I didnt capture on film was the juvenile Bald Eagle that was resting atop my feeder. That was spectacular! and then a few days later I had two Pileated Woodpeckers. I did get a picture of one of them, the other woodpecker stayed in the tree.
I took a trip to Anthens Ohio for a quilt show and lets just say a wild turkey and my car almost became one! I still say "I dont break for birds" but 70 mph and 25lbs with feathers DONT MIX WELL. Its a good thing there was not another bird on the highway cause I laughed so hard the tears was flooding my vision. We came, We saw, and we Spent. I didnt spend much at the vendors booths at the quilt show but there was a cute little shop in the mall area that obtained several of my greenbacks. (Debit
Then came Saturday, I took a bus trip with the Towne Squares Quilt Club, to Marion Indiana to the Quilters Hall of Fame. More laughing and talking and wonderful quilt talk! And of course I left more greenbacks in Indiana. I need a new tub for my TO DO kits and patterns. I am not sure I will finish all of them before I die but maybe it will help my husband by either, attracting a new mate or bringing in some extra cash from the yard sale.
William is doing very well, I get an instant message on AOL almost every day, I have it set up to send any messages straight to my phone and I can reply to it also, that has really helped me not feel guilty for being at work when he sends a message. So to all my friends. Sorry for the constant beeping from my phone, I have twitter and facebook and aol instant messanger coming to my phone. I dont want to miss a single chance to speak to him. I also downloaded skype and that is a very neat program. Although it is harder to run from Iraq, the page is not loading very quickly or not at all. I was at Quilt club the other night and one of my dear friends stood and begain call others of my friends to the front of the group, I sat there thinking, Man what did I miss out on getting to do? And how did I miss out on getting to do it? Then I found out what it was. My friend Sarah was very much touched by my son leaving the country for Iraq. So she pulled 20 of my other friends together to make a quilt to honor his 3rd tour over there. As she talked the tears (ugly crying face) flowed. I still cannot believe how beautiful it is. I have spent some time each day looking at the blocks. I am touched by the love and caring that went into each and every block. The fabric choices and the quilting, and the block placement, it just overwhelms me! I wrote to William, he was so proud of this quilt. he said that he has bragged and shown everyone his quilt. He and I agree that the sand is no place for something with such meaning. So it will stay with me awaiting his return. It is going to make an appearance at the Fall Quilt show in Greenville, I cant tell you how proud I am of the beauty that 21 of my friends put together. I am also impressed that Sarah was able to keep such a big secrete from me!
I have been walking in the Reserves here at least 3 days a week with my friend Jen. We have been putting in about 10 miles each trip, We took this week off and need to get a move on for next. I hope we get out maybe Sunday for a walk. I havent done much running, just the fast paced walk. There is nothing better than the sights and sounds of our walk. I cant tell you in words the feeling you get after burning up the trails there!
well I better get moving, I am headed to Fabric Crafts for a class. Starting a new project. Just what I need a new project but, I have to do it. it has a bird house and flowers. oh and a bee on
so thats all for now, I will try to update a little sooner!

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