Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

A quick Blog this morning. Happy Easter !
Rose and I took a fantastic class on Good Friday, We went to Kindred Spirits Cottage and Alice taught us Rug Hooking, (we now have 2 degree's in HOOKING!) I cant believe that I am going to try to find one more minute of the day to add a new craft! But with my multiple personalities I can please all of my inner voices! I am just glad that my Husband is mostly able to fend for himself.
I ran several times this week with one of the time being 9.2 miles! I was tired later that day but boy that was fun. I gotta get ready for the Flying Pig or I will be the crawling Pig on May the 3rd.
I have been working on the Wall Hanging for the Club Prizes and they are so neat! I am very happy with how the Asters are coming out.
Yesterday I made the home made dinner rolls and I am now not sure there will be any for dinner tonight, between My husband, son and myself...we couldnt resist them warm from the oven. Glad I only make them for holidays.
Ok, time to get ready for Mass,
Until next time..

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  1. Annie,
    You are too, to, two much. Love the hooking things and the Asters are so cool. I have to get busy and try to win one at the show.
    Keep on runnin'.